Browning maxus feed problems

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Oct 06, 2012 How to stop the jamming issue of a Browning Gold Hunter 3 12. How to stop the jamming issue of a Browning Gold Hunter 3 12. Browning Maxus Secret Feature? Duration: 9: 38.Oct 16, 2012  Re: Browning maxus not cycling trap loads. Your problem could also be caused by dirty burning cartridgesI haven't shot many Estate to know how dirty or clean they burn but they coild be causing excessive carbon buildup ont he piston and mag browning maxus feed problems

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Browning maxus feed problems free

Browning finally solved the weight problem with the Maxus and the gas operation makes for a much soft recoil, especially the 3 12 loads. Much easier to load even with gloves on and I love the gun autocycling the first round from the mag into the chamber when the action is back.

Jan 15, 2011 Took it to the Gunsmith (certified Browning Service location) and they looked at it, then fired some turkey loads thru it, 2 of them 3 and the other a 3 12 . There was no problem for them. Post subject: Re: Browning Maxus Feed Problems. Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 1: 48 am. Utility Grade: Joined: Wed Nov 17, 2010 1: 29 am Posts: 14 See if I

Feb 04, 2013 Browning was aware of the problem and said they had bought some bad steel that the springs were made of and was common to guns with 34k rounds through it. Sent free replacement and everything was fine until shells would'nt feed from magazine tube. Got that fixed. Now its an entirely new problem.

For the folks who own a Browning Maxus Wicked Wing, it is a statement showing that they are allin on waterfowling. However, there's nothing like roughly 40 years of development to deal with that sort of problem. Browning's PowerDrive gas system uses a synthetic piston sleeve that mounts the steel operating rod in a sturdy boss.

Mar 21, 2012 Here is the place to talk about any and all Troubleshooting for your Browning Maxus Shotgun.

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Speed Loading has been popular on Browning autoloaders for decades. Our patented feeding system sends the first shell loaded into the magazine directly into the chamber. Unloading is just as easy with the Speed Unload feature that makes emptying the magazine fast and easy, without having to cycle and chamber every shell with the bolt handle.

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Browning Maxus Hunter SemiAuto Shotgun 3 Chamber Browning Maxus Hunter is a highly innovative semiauto shotgun designed to give shooters a competitive edge. Includes 3 choke tubes, one 14 stock spacer, and a Turnkey magazine plug.

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